General Store In Taman Sari

General store in Taman Sari district in Jakarta
Shot at Taman Sari district in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

As I was walking through the Taman Sari area, a boy came out of a general store

I was walking down a road that stretched through a residential area in Jakarta. Although motorbikes were parked on the side of the road, there were hardly any cars on the road. I looked around and didn't see a bicycle taxi called becak either. The only people coming and going on the road were the locals in their normal clothes. Houses lined both sides of the road and there were shops for locals in a few places. Seeing the houses lined up beyond a general store, I thought that Japan was like this in the old days.

When I passed by the grocery store, a boy came out from inside and hurried down the street. At the end of the street stood a girl who looked to be the boy's big sister. The girl must have been waiting outside the store, numbed by the boy who was wondering what to buy. The girl who was waiting while licking candy looked angry. As far as this sister and brother were concerned, the boy was much more indecisive than the girl.


About Taman Sari

Taman Sari is a district of West Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the smallest subdistrict of West Jakarta (4.37 km2). Taman Sari is bounded by Central Jakarta to the south and to the east, and by North Jakarta to the north. Taman Sari district contains the southeastern area of Jakarta Old Town, the area on the east side of Kali Besar Canal. This area is the oldest area of Jakarta and a center of administration of Batavia (the old name for Jakarta) during the 17th century. This historic area is located within the Pinangsia administrative village, the northern part of Taman Sari subdistrict.

Where is Taman Sari district in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

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July 3, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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