Cause For The Traffic Jam

Crossing in Bangkok
Shot in the city of Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Many motorbikes just started when the traffic light turned green

The capital of Thailand is a big city. Over 14 million people live in and around Bangkok. In general terms, this metropolitan is composed of 2 types of the street. One is the street called Thanon and the other is the street called Soi. Thanon means a wide street and Soi means a narrow street.

It is said the structure of Bangkok looks like a fishbone. The wide streets called Thanon are like a backbone. And the narrow streets called Soi are like a bone extended from the backbone. And Soi often leads to a dead end. It is bad business. It means that it is often impossible to move from a Thanon to another Thanon via Soi.

They say that it was the reason for the heavy traffic jam in this city. All the automobiles run Thanon because there is no alternative way.

Stopping on a pedestrian bridge, I watched Thanon called Rama I road. It was occupied by cars and motorbikes as always.

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Sep 2019

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April 18, 2020


Bangkok, Thailand


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