ViaBus App Is Useful

People waiting at a bus stop for a bus
Shot in the city of Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Many people waited at a bus stop for a bus

There are some rail routes like MRT, BTS, and ART in Bangkok. They are very useful for wandering around this big city. It is easy to find both the boarding station and the exiting station even for tourists. At the same time, I think it becomes much useful if I can ride and break local buses. It had a significant hurdle to overcome in past days. However, mobile devices have been changing the situation.

For example, Google Map is one of the best ways to know how to move by bus. It can tell you which bus you should get on and where you should exit. Besides, once you embark on a bus, you can see the picture where you are.

There's also another app to do the same thing. In Bangkok, it was convenient to use an app called ViaBus. BMTA, Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, joined a development team of this app.

The app tells you any information about local buses in Bangkok. If you use this app, you can know not only which bus you should get on but also the type of bus, with or without the air conditioner before the bus comes. I don't know whether the latter is a piece of important information or not.

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Bangkok, Thailand


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