Bus Stop On Hayam Wuruk Street

Bus stop on Hayam Wuruk Street
Shot at Taman Sari district in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The bus stop on Hayam Wuruk Street looked like a station of MRT

From the Taman Sari district, I headed south all the way down Hayam Wuruk Street. The destination was Jakarta's iconic Monas. As I was checking it on the map, it was possible to reach Monas if I walked straight along Hayam Wuruk Street. Even though it was January, it was quite hot in Jakarta. I'm a sweaty person, and I'm getting sweaty very quickly during walking. If I kept walking like this, I was sure that by the time I reached Monas, my energy and water will be drained from my body. So I decided to take a local bus to Monas. Well, there was a nice bus lane on this wide street and the bus has The ride is extremely easy.

A river creek through the middle of Hayam Wuruk Street, and both sides of the creek were bus lanes. Because there was no pedestrian crossing, I had to cross an overpass from the sidewalk to get to the bus stop. Such a bus stop was splendid and not inferior to stations such as MRT. It is quite different from the bus station in Yangon or the bus station in Bangkok, which is just marked with a sign. The fare was paid at the bus stop, not in the bus, and it is just like a train.

Waiting for the bus in the place like a platform. When you get on a local bus in a strange town, it's often hard to be sure which bus you should take. However, I felt relieved when I saw buses running in the center of Jakarta. There were staves at the bus stop, and if I asked them, they guided me in a polite manner. In this photo, two men on the left were bus attendants.


Where is Hayam Wuruk Street in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

July 8, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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