There was a shadow stopping and a figure walking away in a puddle of sunlight just past the Mosaic-Dori

Shadow stops and figure walks away
A sunny spot built near Shinjuku Station
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To get from the south exit to the west exit of Shinjuku Station, you can of course go through the street, but that's not very interesting. The building next to the sidewalk just changes from Lumine to Odakyu Department Store via Keio Department Store. It might be fun to do some window shopping, but there's nothing on display that catches my eye. On the other hand, if you go through Mosaic-Dori street, you can find interesting stores selling general merchandise and food.

Mosaic-Dori is an open mall without a roof that stretches inside Shinjuku MYLORD. According to the official website, there are a total of 17 stores here, including cafes, grocery stores, general merchandise, and apparel stores. It's a great place to stroll around with a lot of variety. Not only that, but Mosaic-Dori is also the fastest route from the south exit to the west exit. You can walk around it, or you can walk through it quickly. There is no reason not to go through here.

The only thing I don't understand is the origin of the name "Mosaic-Dori Street." If you look on the Internet, you can find a plausible origin of the name, because small stores line both sides of the narrow street like a mosaic, but there are many other such places, such as Omoide-Yokocho in Shinjuku and Spain-Zaka Slope in Shibuya. However, when I walk around either of these places, I don't feel like I'm walking through a mosaic pattern, which gives me the impression that it's a bit forced. What I thought was highly credible was that the floor of Mosaic-Dori used to be covered with five different colored tiles in a mosaic pattern. I wondered what the truth was.

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Dec 2021

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February 18, 2022

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April 1, 2022


Shinjuku, Tokyo


Street Photography



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