Old Dealer In Old Coins

Old man selling old coins and bills in Pasar Baru
Shot at Sawah Besar district in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The old street vendor sold old coins and bills on the Pasar Baru street

I turned back down the dead-end alleyway and went back to Pasar Baru Street. This is an old shopping street in Jakarta. Shops are lined up on both sides of the fairly wide street.

There were many shops that have shoes and clothes lined up in the shop. I didn't need either of these things right now. I continued to walk down the street, looking at the store displays with a sideways glance. Then I noticed an old man sitting on a chair next to a shop. There was a small table next to him. This old man was a street vendor.

There were a number of coins and bills on his table. He was selling old coins and bills. There were also street vendors selling old coins on Hayam Wuruk Street as well, so I guess there are many people who want to sell and buy old coins in this city. When he realized that I was Japanese, he quickly pointed to some old bills and told me to buy them. They were Japanese military bills. At the end of World War II, Indonesia was under Japanese occupation, and the Japanese military had issued military bills at that time.

I don't know how much they were worth when they were issued. But it's hard to imagine that it worked as a bill in Indonesia, where Japan was soon defeated and Indonesia was in a war of independence with the Netherlands. It would have been reduced to scrap paper within a few years. Those who sold them as goods and received military bills as payment for them must have lost a lot of money.


What is Japanese military bill(Yen)

Japanese military yen, commonly abbreviated as JMY, was the currency issued to the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Imperial Japanese Navy as a salary. The Imperial Japanese government first started issuing the military yen during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. The military yen reached its peak during the Pacific War period, when the Japanese government excessively issued it to all of its occupied territories. In Hong Kong, the military yen was forced upon the local population as the sole official currency of the territory. Since the military yen was not backed by gold, and did not have a specific place of issuance, the military yen could not be exchanged for the Japanese yen.

Where is Pasar Baru in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

July 28, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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