A motorcycle rode past behind the Queen's tower with its green-blue dome

Queen's Tower in Yokohama

Queen's Tower in Yokohama

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The Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, built with red bricks, is called the Jack, while the Yokohama Customs building, with its greenish-blue dome, is called the Queen. They are the courtier and the queen. Where is the King? The Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building is the King.

The three towers, Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (Jack's Tower), Yokohama Customs Building (Queen's Tower), and Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building (King's Tower), together are called the Three Towers of Yokohama and are the symbols of the Port of Yokohama. Although the presence of the three towers has faded with the construction of taller buildings around them, they must have looked very impressive when they were all standing together and were visible from the sea. It is said that it was a foreign sailor on a ship entering the port who compared the towers to playing cards.

Although a short distance away from the three nearby towers, there is also a structure in Kannai called the Ace. It is the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of History, which was originally built as the head office of the Yokohama Shokin Bank. Some people consider this building to be one of the four towers of Yokohama, but in most cases, the Ace Tower is left out of the group, and is not considered to be one of the three towers of Yokohama.

It is interesting to note that the number 3 is considered to be a good number in many places in the world. In Japan, there are expressions such as "the three great XX" and "the three families," and in the Christian world, there are terms such as "the three wise men" and "the Trinity," while in Hinduism, the creator god Brahman, the destroyer god Shiva, and the preserver god Vishnu are collectively called the three principal deities. Three is much more popular than the number four, so much so that one would think that they are daring to avoid the number four. One wonders if our ancestors were killed by the number 4.

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