Man At The Entrance Of A Lane Thinking

Man holding a piece of wood at the entrance to an alley
Shot in Central Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

A man stood at the entrance to the alley, wood in hand, thinking about something

I was walking through the street in Central Jakarta, one of the five cities that make up the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. While walking, I often saw the entrance to the alley. It looked fun to walk down the cluttered alley when I looked inside. But I couldn't tell just by standing at the entrance if the alleyway led somewhere or if it only led to someone's house. As I like to walk through the alley, I have a hard time deciding whether it is safe or not to invade it.

This photo was also the entrance to such an unidentified alley. At the far end of the alley, I could see laundry hanging out to dry and miscellaneous items were placed by the entrance. As I entered, it looked like fun. But there was a man standing there. The man standing in the doorway, holding a piece of wood that had been placed aside, pondering. Maybe he was trying to do some bricolage.

In any case, standing solemnly at the entrance, it was difficult for a passerby to enter. I only took a photo of the man and continued down the main street to the next alley.


What is Bricolage?

In the arts, bricolage (French for "DIY" or "do-it-yourself projects") is the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available, or a work constructed using mixed media. The term bricolage has also been used in many other fields, including anthropology, philosophy, critical theory, education, computer software, and business.

Where is Central Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

September 11, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


Street Photography





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