Ducks Were Also Sold In This Market

Woman sitting on the cage filled with ducks
Shot at Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok, Thailand tetsuOzawa

The shopkeeper sat on the cage filled with ducks in Khlong Toei Market

During walking around Khlong Toei Market, I came to another shop in which some cages were also placed. The shops I saw just before sold live chickens. In contrast, the shop I came this time sold live ducks. Many live ducks were put in the cage.

It never crossed my mind. However, the duck meat is common in Thai cuisine. So I could eat duck meat unconsciously during staying. It was no wonder that the meat I thought it was chicken was the duck meat.

At any rate, the cage in this shop was filled with ducks. All the ducks seemed to be tame. They kept quiet in the cage. They showed little intention of the uprising. No ducks required the freedom there.

Watching the ducks, I thought Japanese people were looked the same by westerners. They were well tame and kept quiet in society.


Where is Khlong Toei Market?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

March 7, 2020


Khlong Toei Market, Thailand


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