Silhouetted Worshippers In Ji De Yuan

Silhouetted people praying around the incense burner in Jin De Yuan
Shot at Jin De Yuan, a Chinese temple in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

Silhouetted worshippers were seen around the big incense burner in Jin De Yuan

The large incense burner at Jin De Yuan in Jakarta was set up under the roof. As worshippers put incense sticks one after another, many incense sticks were seen being stuck in the burner. And in the center of the burner, there was a long, thick candle that looks like a boss of incense sticks around it.

Several candles were erected on the grounds to celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year. So perhaps this candle in the center of the incense burner was probably just standing there for the same reason. However, all the visitors who come to the temple were praying to this thick candle. Therefore, this candle looked like one of the deities enshrined in this temple.

In Japan, we join our hands in front of our chests when praying in temples. But in Southeast Asia, they do not join their hands in front of their chests. They join their hands above their heads. It is common to raise the hands high and join them together. Most people in this photo were joining their hands above their heads. Some of them appear to be holding incense sticks between their raised hands. I thought joined hands were something that was done the same way in every country. However, it is not true. There is a small difference.


About Jin De Yuan (Vihara Dharma Bhakti)

Vihara Dharma Bhakti, also known as 金德院 (Mandarin Jīn dé yuàn or Hokkien Kim Tek Ie), is a klenteng (a local term for a Chinese temple) located in the China Town neighborhood of Glodok, Jakarta, Indonesia. Completed in 1650, Vihara Dharma Bhakti is the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta. The complex of Vihara Dharma Bhakti was erected in 1650 under the order of Luitenant der Chinezen Kwee Hoen. The temple was named Kwan Im Teng in Hokkien or Guānyīn tíng in Mandarin, literally 'Pavilion of Guan Yin', to honor Kwan Im whom the temple is dedicated to. The name Kwan Im Teng is the origin of the word klenteng itself, later becoming a general term in the Indies to refer to any Chinese place of worship.

Where is Jin De Yuan in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

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June 20, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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