Shirtless Man Raising His Arm Up

Shirtless man raising his arm up in front of a food stall
Shot in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The shirtless man standing in front of a food stall raised his arm up

There were a lot of people gathered around the food stall in the alley. Some were children and some were adults. A lot of people seemed to have gathered at this stall for a light meal. There was also a shirtless in this photo. He might have come to eat lightly because he was hungry. When the man noticed my camera, he raised his arm up in the air as if to say "You should eat too". But the man wasn't buying me food, and the man at the stall was indifferent to me, not giving me the slightest hint that he was going to give me anything.

I used to get all sorts of things from the locals when I was traveling. Sometimes I was given fruit, and sometimes sunflower seeds to take a bite out of to pass the time. In Syria, I was beckoned to approach a stall and was given a fresh juice for sale. But as I got older, that didn't happen anymore.

When a young man is traveling, there are glimpses of people trying to take care of him, but I guess that means that a middle-aged man should be left to his own devices when he travels. It seems to me that even if I travel to the same place, the locals may respond differently to me depending on my age. As a result, the sights I see on my travels may have changed with age.


Where is Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

August 30, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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