Passengers On Maeklong Railway

Passengers on Maeklong Railway
Shot at the station in Mae Klong, Thailand tetsuOzawa

Many passengers waited for the departure while sitting on seats on Maeklong Railway

The departure time was approaching. I went to the station and got on the train stopping in the local station to go back to the city of Bangkok. This was the second time to get on this railway.

The atmosphere in the train car was different from the past. It was deserted and there were only a few passengers two years ago. Yet it was completely changed. There were many passengers this time and the seat was occupied by them.

Seemingly, most of them were tourists from China. They couldn't be satisfied with seeing the market held on the railroad tracks. And they were about to enjoy getting on the train which they watched in the famous market.

It was difficult to find the empty seat in the crowded train. It was unexpected for me to see many passengers. And Chinese was echoed in the train car.


Where is Mae Klong station?




Shooting Date

Sep 2019

Posted On

March 22, 2020


Mae Klong, Thailand


Street Photography



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