A girl with a flower in her hand was running along a path in the Omori Kaizuka Ruins Garden

Girl running with a flower in her hand
Shot in Omori Shell Mound Ruins Garden, Tokyo
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The Omori Shell Mound Ruins Garden, located at the site where Dr. Morse discovered the shell mound, is billed as a place to learn about the Jomon period and the Omori shell mound, with items commemorating the discovery, such as a bust of Dr. Morse and a detached specimen of the shell layer, but in reality it is a children's park.

There is a mist fountain in front of a corridor of strata based on the motif of a shell mound, which looks like a ruin from a distance, and you can climb on top of the corridor. There are highs and lows here, shadows to hide in, and a fountain that occasionally spews mist. It's a perfect place for children to play around.

It was late afternoon on a weekend when I visited. There were no people gazing at the shell layers in the Omori Shell Mound Ruins Garden. Only children were there. Some boys were riding around on bicycles in the mist fountain, and some girls were running around with flowers they had picked in the garden. They were playing in their own way, but none of them paid any attention to the objects related to the shell mounds.

This place is said to be the birthplace of Japanese archaeology and is designated as a national historic site. However, the energetic children had no idea what to call it.


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Shooting Date

Jan 2021

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July 21, 2021

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November 10, 2021


Omori, Tokyo


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