A large fishing boat was leaving from the Hashirimizu fishing port with black kites in tow

Fishing boat anchored at the Hashirimizu Fishing Port

Fishing boat anchored at the Hashirimizu Fishing Port

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Although I saw a fishing boat leaving port just a few minutes ago, most of the ships anchored at the Hashirimizu fishing port in Yokosuka were quiet, and there was not the slightest sign that they were about to set sail. The fishing time was probably already over for the day. The boats moored firmly with ropes were only slowly moving up and down with the rhythm of the waves.

The boat in the photo is one of the boats tied to the pier. There were no people on board, just the boat swaying in the harbor. If you look closely, you can see a large anchor tied to the bow of the boat. I guess they do not use anchors when moored in the harbor. The anchor, which looked as if it was standing straight up to the sky, seemed to be a talisman for the ship. It looks as if it is tied to the bow of the ship to prevent anything evil from approaching.

There is a custom in many parts of the world for people who set sail on the sea to pray to the gods for safe voyages. In Japan, people pray to the spirits of ships for safe voyages, and in Chinese culture, the nautical goddess Mazu is very popular. It is interesting to note that Santa Claus, who is unknown in Japan except for his role of trespassing into homes once a year and leaving presents, is sometimes the patron saint of sailors. Santa Claus, who is thought to be an old man who comes from far away in winter, may look good in a silvery-white world, but not on the open sea. After all, when he goes out to sea, does he take off his red clothes with white trim and put on an aloha shirt or something?

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Apr 2022

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June 18, 2022


Yokosuka, Kanagawa


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