I found a motorbike on which four people were riding at the same time in Jakarta

Four people riding on the same motorbike
Shot in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia
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I left Fatahillah Square of Jakarta and now headed south. Although the area around Fatahillah Square, which has become a tourist attraction, is now a pedestrian mall, the area where people could walk leisurely was soon over, and there were some big streets running in Kota district.

Like Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, Jakarta is notorious for its traffic jams. Southeast Asia has developed so rapidly that the development of roads has probably not kept up. The number of roads will remain the same, but as income increases, so will the number of motorbikes owned by families, one or two, and as income increases further, so will cars. As a result, the roads will be filled with motorbikes and cars.

The authorities are not sitting on the edge of their seat in such a situation. There are bus lanes along Hayam Wuruk Street, which runs from north to south through Jakarta, and the Jakarta MRT and LRT Jakarta rail networks have been developed. It would be the same in any country to put in place the infrastructure as the economy develops. Here in Jakarta, it is interesting to see that while they are improving infrastructure, they are also introducing systems to solve traffic congestion in addition to infrastructure.

What's interesting about the system was the regulation called Three-In-One. The regulation, once in place during rush hour, stated that one car must have at least three people in it or it will not pass. As a result, mothers with young children lined up on the side of the road in front of the restricted area and got into a car with only one passenger, helping to keep the number of people in the car together and earning pocket money. It's a picture-perfect design flop, but this regulation has been done until 2016.

I stood at the intersection of Hayam Wuruk Street. A number of motorbikes were lined up at the front of the vehicles waiting at the light. One of them had four people straddling one as if it still adhered to the Three-In-One rule. And the young man who was riding just behind the steering wheel was looking sideways at me.

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Shooting Date

Jan 2020

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May 21, 2020

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September 10, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


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