People Soaking In Hooghly River

People soaking in Hooghly River
Shot in Kolkata, India tetsuOzawa

People were washing their body in Hooghly River

When I was traveling in India and saw a river, I would often ask the locals what it was called. And interestingly, many Indians would answer "Ganges" without hesitation. It would be different. Even if I thought that this river would be different, they said "Ganges" without hesitation. I'm wondering if all the rivers that flow through this country were the Ganges. When I came to the waters of the Hooghly River in Kolkata, I asked the name of the river, and the answer was still "Ganges".

When I looked around, I found men and women of all ages washing in the river water. This riverside seemed to be a bathing place for the locals. But if I look closely, I would see that not all of them are washing. I saw some people catching fish with a net. It seemed that this place was also a fishing ground. Some people are fishing and some are washing up. I didn't even know what the name of this river is anymore.


What is Hooghly River?

The Hooghly River or the Bhāgirathi-Hooghly, originally and in local tongues the 'Ganga', and also called Kati-Ganga, is an approximately 260-kilometre-long (160 mi) distributary of the Ganges River in West Bengal, India. The Ganges splits into the Padma and the Hooghly near Giria, Murshidabad. Today there is a further man-made bifurcation of the river upstream at Farakka. The Padma flows eastward into Bangladesh, whereas the Hooghly flows south through West Bengal. The river flows through the Rarh region, the lower deltaic districts of West Bengal, and eventually into the Bay of Bengal. The upper riparian zone of the river is called Bhagirathi while the lower riparian zone is called Hooghly. Major rivers that drain into the Bhagirathi-Hooghly include Mayurakshi, Jalangi, Ajay, Damodar, Rupnarayan and Haldi rivers other than the Ganges. Kolkata and Hugli-Chinsura, the headquarters of Hooghly (district), are located on the banks of this river.

Where is Kolkata?




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Jun 2011

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September 11, 2011


Kolkata, India


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