High-rise Building At The End Of The Street

High-rise building towering at the end of the lane in residential area
Shot at Taman Sari district in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

In the lane leading to the skyscraper, a girl was lounging with her father in the front of the grocery store

As I wandered through the residential area in Jakarta, I saw low-rise dwellings and shops on the street. The end of the residential area was approaching when I saw a skyscraper at the end of the street when I was walking through in the middle of the street. The smell of ordinary people's life does not come from the redeveloped high-rise buildings anymore. From the direction, the skyscraper in this photo was facing Hayam Wuruk Street, one of the main streets in Jakarta.

The contrast between low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings inevitably gives a sense of the gap between rich and poor. In fact, the Gini coefficient, an indicator of income inequality in society, is quite high, around 0.4. in Indonesia. The rich are getting richer and the less rich are staying less rich in this country.

As I was walking around thinking about this, I came to a small grocery store. The shop was lined with balls and other children's playthings. And beside them, a little girl was sitting on a stand. She seemed to be lounging around and spending time with her father, the owner of the store.

It would be nice to be wealthy, but I felt that if the whole town was filled with skyscrapers, I wouldn't be able to see the scene of a little girl lounging on the side of the road with her father.


About Taman Sari

Taman Sari is a district of West Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the smallest subdistrict of West Jakarta (4.37 km2). Taman Sari is bounded by Central Jakarta to the south and to the east, and by North Jakarta to the north. Taman Sari district contains the southeastern area of Jakarta Old Town, the area on the east side of Kali Besar Canal. This area is the oldest area of Jakarta and a center of administration of Batavia (the old name for Jakarta) during the 17th century. This historic area is located within the Pinangsia administrative village, the northern part of Taman Sari subdistrict.

Where is Taman Sari district in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

July 1, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


Street Photography





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