Cutting Man And Toasting Man In Kitchen

Cutting man and toasting man in kitchen
Shot in the city of Taipei, Taiwan Tetsu Ozawa

The men were busy to cook in the kitchen of Yong He Soy Milk King

I came to an eating place called Yong He Soy Milk King again, where I had been to before. This restaurant has the name "King" in its name, but there is not a trace of arrogance in the shop. The clerks are friendly. However, there might be a pompous owner behind it. Anyway, the food here is delicious and cheap. I ordered a bowl of bean dip just like the locals.

This is not a pretentious restaurant, and the kitchen is in full view from the seats and the sidewalk. In a popular restaurant, there is a never-ending stream of orders, so the men in the kitchen are quietly and busily working. From the looks of it, the division of labor is well established here. Each one of them is doing his or her job. The man standing at the counter in front of me was cutting long, thin dough into thin strips with a long, slender knife in his hand, and across the counter I saw a man baking on a round griddle. I watched the men work quietly and deftly until my orders comes out, wondering if my orders were ready yet.


Where is Yong He Soy Milk King?




Shooting Date

Jul 2019

Posted On

December 1, 2019


Taipei, Taiwan


Street Photography