Street Vendor Serving Instant Coffee

Streetvendor serving instant coffee
Shot near Fatahillah Square in Jakarta, Indonesia Tetsu Ozawa

The street stall Fatahillah Square seemed to serve the instant coffee

I had a coffee break in the coffee country and started walking around Jakarta again. It was a Sunday. There were a lot of people near Fatahillah Square, which is also popular with locals. It was not only foreign tourists like me but also many local families.

The area around Fatahillah Square is lined with heavy colonial-era buildings and has a nice atmosphere. It's a good area to do business because there are a lot of tourists there, but I think it is needed to permit or something to do business there. It was not that there were no street vendors, but they were few in number and kept a certain distance from each other to do business.

On the other hand, outside the area, the number of street vendors increases at once. I don't know if it was first come, first served. Or if there were any people who assumed control of this area. Anyway, they were all crowded together to open their shops. Perhaps it was the trend of the times, not a single person was selling postcards even in this kind of sticky tourist area. Maybe not many people think of putting out postcards with stamps from their travels anymore. Personally, I'd be happy to get a postcard from overseas. There were no people selling postcards, but instead, there were people selling smartphone cases.

Among the street vendors, there were also food and drink shops. The stall in the photo was one of them. A number of bags of instant coffee are dangling from the handlebars of the bike in the foreground. I can see a thermos on the rear cart, so I guess this stall was also serving hot, albeit instant, coffee.


Where is Fatahillah Square in Jakarta?




Shooting Date

Jan 2020

Posted On

May 20, 2020


Jakarta, Indonesia


Street Photography





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