Dog In Enyu-Ji

Dog waiting for its master in the middle of approach
Shot at Enyu-Ji, a Buddhist temple in Himonya, Tokyo Tetsu Ozawa

The dog waited for its master in the middle of the approach to Enyu-Ji

Because the precinct of this temple was not so large, I finished walking around soon. Being satisfied with the modest atmosphere, I headed for the exit of the temple. Walking through the old wooden gate called Niomon, I entered the approach. Then, I met a leashed dog. It looked at the main hall while sticking out its tongue. It waited for the master finishing praying there.

Although I stood just in front of it, it didn't look at me as if I was not there. It seemed to love the master so much. So it was not able to see anything other than the master.

On the other side of the dog, the narrow approach stretched straight. And the entrance gate of this temple was seen at the end of the approach. The dog looked like a guardian dog of the approach.


Where is Enyu-Ji?




Shooting Date

Mar 2019

Posted On

September 29, 2019


Himonya, Tokyo


Animal Photography



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