Red Door Of Hsing Tian KongWoman In A Candy StoreFruit Store In The MarketWet StreetLive PerformanceOne Side Was Crowded

BOXMAN fotologue

Street Photography by Tetsu Ozawa

Girl And PeacockPeople Looking DeepInk Brush Painting On The DisplayRamp And WomanHanging Scroll And WomanTricycle Full Of BurdenMotorbike Ahead Of An ArrowFigures In The Glass-walled PassageMan Cutting A Head Of TunaRemoving ScaleMan And A Sawing MachineRelaxing In The PassageThe Sun Came To The PlaceMan Stretching His ArmMan And A Plastic BagWoman In The BoxMan Was Cutting Open The BellyHeads Were ScatteredMaintaining ManMan Was Cutting An Eel SilentlySerious Expression On A Turret TruckRing Of TunaGlittering TunaThree Men Cutting TunaWoman Striking A PoseSilhouette Of Tai ChiTurret Truck Was ComingManhole In The Inner MarketHeads Of TunaCrossing MenMan Repairing A Turret TruckWoman At The End Of The LaneTwo Turret TrucksFive Believers In Hsing Tian KongBananas On The PlatformMan On The Turret TruckMan Writing A Wooden PlaquePeople In The Rest StationCouple In The Woody ApproachPeople Waiting For The ShowWoman Waving A FlagAirplane Above BuildingsPassing BicycleWoman Selling ApplesTwo Umbrellas In The PathBloody FaceTwo DragonsRunning WomenDancing In The Middle Of The StreetKabuki-Za Between BuildingsBig Signboards In The PassageMan On His BreakTurret Truck In The MarketAll Shops Were ClosedQuiet MarketWide Aisle In Tsukiji MarketCouple In Tsukiji Namiyoke JinjaAlleyway In The Outer MarketBench On The PlatformDoor In The Dim Passage