Dim Shopping ArcadeBig Lantern And Small LanternCouple And Food StallsRefreshment Stand And GirlsStanding People At A CrossingTaipei 101 And A Motorbike

BOXMAN fotologue

Street Photography by Tetsu Ozawa

Man Was Reading A Newspaper In The LaneCouple Sharing Paper FortunesPile Of Ashes And Two PersonsDrinking While StandingSilhouettes Of A FamilyMonk Walking The ApproachWindmills Were Spinning AroundThree For 20 DollarsWoman Carrying A Beer CaseBottles Of SakeWoman In Front Of Shuttered BarsFrosted GlassPiece And FingerStepping GirlTwo Girls In A CafeOlder Woman With A SunshadeMany Side DishesSunny Spot In The Bustling AreaUmbrella Passing By The ShutterPlatform Of Kita-Ikebukuro StationLong Shadows At The CrossingEntrance Of A Public BathBridal Couple In The PathSilhouettes In The HutPaper Fortunes And A HandMan Resting Beside The HattoSmall Gate At The End Of A Gentle StairwayOwl At The EntranceEntrance Of The Main HallStatue Of Kshitigarbha In Kencho-JiMan And Woman On The Other Side Of An Incense BurnerTwo Women Coming Through The GateWooden Buddha Statue And Some CoinsBamboo ShootMain Hall Of Engaku-JiBig Gate On The Top Of The StairwayReading A Book In A Root Of A TreeMother Holding Her Little KidCeremonial PhotographBridal Couple And Shinto PriestessRed HeelsLittle Girl On The Baby BuggyCouple, Girl And ToriiPeople Passing Through The ToriiShooting Girl And ManFather And Daughter Took AimFlag In The Crowded ApproachFretful GirlMother Wearing SunglassesPeople In The FestivalQueue In The PrecinctFrom The Narrow LaneOld House And A BicyclePeople At The Three-forked RoadWoman Held Her Hand Above Her EyesTwo Persons In The LaneShadows On The Wooden DoorCat Surveying The SituationBusy RestaurntQueue In The Lane