Thick Wall And Thick PillarBanners In Yoyogi Hachiman-GuTorii Stood In The DimnessFamily Ringing A BellDescending Figure And Passing FigureCouple On The Top Of The Stairway

BOXMAN fotologue

Street Photography by Tetsu Ozawa

Crow In The WoodsSoap Bubbles And Little SupermanCouple Between TreesLittle Boy Stood Against The Soap BubblesGirl On The Opposite PlatformFloral-printed Skirt And Two LegsFigures Moving In The Dim PassageShadows And A Running KidShadow And Three MenSmall Silhouettes On The BridgeTwo Figures Beside A Thick PillarKoshu Kaido And SkyscrapersPeople Passing By Automatic Ticket MachinesCityscape In The Show WindowPedestrians Near The South Exit Of The StationFigures In An Underground PassageHead Of A DemonstrationTokyo Tower Under The Blue SkyTorii, Sacred Rope And GirlCouple In A RestaurantRestaurant Before Business HoursFigure On The SteppingstonesMany Triangles And A WomanWoman Entering A CafePlum Blossoms In Shoun-jiBoys In A Toy ShopAlphabet On The WallThree Holes In The Bridge PierPeople On The Opposite PlatformBuildings And A Silhouette Of A ManShadows On The PlatformWoman On The Slightly Bent ApproachTrio On The Approach In Kameido TenjinshaDim PlatformVertical Stripes And PedestriansIndirect StairwayHigh School Boys On The ApproachGorilla Was Pretty ConfidentSome People On The EscalatorMan Pushing A Baby BuggyCouple Stopped On The PathGate And StairwayPraying In Yushima SeidoGate And CarGirls Passing Each OtherMan Walking Omoide YokochoShadows Moving On White LinesTwo Women On The EscalatorWoman In Flow Of PedestriansEntering SilhouetteCoal-black Figure Under EscalatorRound SofaFigure Between The BuildingsPeople In A CafeFamily On The PathClimbing Figure On The StairwaySilhouette At The End Of The TunnelOld Man Near The Long ShadowParent And Child On The Spiral StairwayUnknown Street Cleaner